Taco Telegram's Frequently Asked Questions

The tortilla and inks used to produce your unique Taco Telegram are in fact edible. And, we produce each taco telegram in a clean environment and attempt to follow clean food handling procedures. However, we do not produce in a health department inspected facility nor do we strictly adhere to any locally required food handling procedures. Therefore, we strongly recommend you do not eat your Taco Telegram and keep your Taco Telegram for hermetically sealed for posterity’s sake. Maybe you can even start a collection. Sometime in the future, we will provide tips for preserving and/or framing your cherished taco telegram. However, if you choose to eat your Taco Telegram you are eating at your own risk. Taco Telegram will not take responsibility for and reactions or adverse effects caused by eating your Taco Telegram.

Orders are shipped within 1-3 days after being placed or at the date that you specify for us to ship the order (You can choose the date for us to ship it on a calendar picker. This is not the delivery date. It is the day we will ship the order). We cannot guarantee a specific day on which the package is to arrive, so please order accordingly to our shipping rates.

We have two shipping rates. USPS First Class (4 – 7 business days delivery) and USPS Priority Mail (1-3 days delivery). USPS delivers packages Monday-Saturday. We use carrier-calculated shipping rates, meaning USPS will estimate how many business days it will take for your package to arrive once it is shipped. Their estimates may not always be correct, so please be aware of this. Unforeseen delays are possible.

All customers get an automatic email after a purchase is made. If you did not get the email, please ensure that we are on your email’s “safe list” and that the emails are not going into your SPAM folder.

We never include any receipts, invoices, etc. in the package. However, we do include a Taco Telegram logo and fun surprises! 

All orders include a USPS tracking number in the shipping confirmation email you receive once the order has shipped. Please click the link in the email or go to www.usps.com and enter your tracking number to see where your order currently is in the shipping route. You can also track your order on our website.

No. We cannot guarantee delivery on a particular day as shipping times vary depending on location. However, you can specify which day you would like us to ship the order. This can be any date in the future. This is not the delivery day; it is the day we will ship the order. You will still have to wait for the shipping times based on our available shipping options.

We ship from the Sunshine City — St Petersburg, FL. So, we include a little sunshine in every order. Your recipients will know it’s there when they smile at your Taco Telegram message.

You must email us to do this, as you cannot change the shipping address yourself. Please email us immediately at support@tacotelegram.com to change the shipping address and name of the recipient. Please include your order number when you email us. 

We now offer shipping insurance on your packages! This is optional for all customers at checkout. Should you choose to use it, it costs $0.98 cents per order and covers lost, stolen, damaged, or delayed packages. If you have any other questions about this service, please ask!

Yes, we do! Please email us at support@tacotelegram.com with any questions or order details and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

That is up to you! The orders can be anonymous or not. We will never show your shipping address as the return address. It will only show our shipping address and the recipient’s address on the package. We will also never show your email. That is why it is very important to enter YOUR email and the RECIPIENT’S shipping address at checkout. If you want the person to know that it was from you, simply write your name in the message. For example, “Love, Ken.”

It will come in either our gold bubbled envelope (free) or one of our gift boxes if you choose (for an additional charge).

We allow all kinds of fun messages! We also allow profanity. However, we do not allow hateful, harmful, or threatening messages and will not process orders with messages with wording like this. In this instance, we will either cancel your order or ask you to change your message.

We allow all kinds of fun images! However, we do not allow nudity of any kind, or images that can be interpreted as harmful or threatening. If such kind of image is uploaded, we will contact you to replace the image with one that abides by our policies.

Yes! If you have not received the “order shipped” email from us that means, we have not shipped your order yet. If this is the case, please email us as soon as you can and let us know of the change in the message or picture and we will edit it for you.

Yes, it can! If you would like the message to be anonymous, simply do not give any clues that the Taco Telegram was from you. Meaning, do not write your name on the message! Please note that we do not send harassing, threatening, hateful messages. We read every message and will ask you to change it if we think it is not a friendly message. If someone emails us feeling harassed by a Taco Telegram they received, we may reveal your identity to avoid conflict with ourselves and the receiver.

No. We only show Taco Telegram Parcel’s return address on the package and the actual shipping address of the package (Not your address!)

We have a library of Taco Telegrams Custom Image Designs which we use with your customized Taco Telegram message. Or, if you have a design, you may upload with your order.

Unfortunately, not at this time. We expect to add International Shipping in 2023.

At Taco Telegram Parcel, we love sending Taco Telegram messages to other people. So please enter the RECIPIENT’S shipping address, so that the Taco Telegram can go to them (Unless you are sending a Taco Telegram to yourself!) Also, please enter YOUR email on shipping information. If you enter the recipient’s email in the shipping information, then they will get the order confirmation email and know that you are sending them the Taco Telegram. You don’t want to ruin the surprise!

 Yes, we do! Please make sure to enter the shipping address correctly so that it arrives.

On the product page, where it says “Enter your custom message here. “Please remember to do this or we cannot process your order. You may also upload a simple image. If you just want the image on the Taco Telegram, that is all that is required.

We have a 180-character limit on your Taco Telegram. Why? Because we cannot fit more than that on them.

*** Please note that we do not process orders if they include threatening messages or images that will scare or harass people. If someone emails us saying that they feel threatened by your message or image and demands to know who sent them a Taco Telegram, we may reveal your identity. This is on a case-by-case basis.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please email us at: support@tacotelegram.com 

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